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By | February 26, 2017


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Mandalas – Freep

Before getting on how to understand the Art in your way, let us first understand what actually Art is.

In order to perceive an art, we shouldn’t necessarily visit the Gallery or museum. Neither should we develop the interest towards antiques. Understanding art requires something much more than that – you and your perspective. Art is all around you and all you need to have is consciousness to appreciate art. Yup, you heard me!

The Table on which your Laptop is, the chair in which you are sitting, the Text you are seeing, everything. The Smartphone or Laptop you are currently using is also a creation of Art. You just need to see things in different perspective. And you have always heard this line: “Everybody has their own Perspective to look things”. That’s the Secret!

Mona lisa smiling, mysterious smile of mona lisa

Mona Lisa – Wikimedia

Abstract art, Understanding abstract art, red color, abstract color, a little man in abstract

“Core Flow”, by Marendo Müller

Let us take an Example of a mysterious Smile of Mona Lisa Painting. It is said that if one look at the painting with angry eyes, Mona Lisa looks angry, and if you look her with smiling face, she seems smiling too. Leaving the Scientific reason of the Geometrical position of Lips and Eyes which makes her Smile so mysterious, it’s your perception, which has changed her smile accordingly.

Art is a language but more of an emotion.. We communicate through it. It can be abstract or representational. Representational are created with physical Appearance of things which makes it easy to understand whereas Abstract is non-representable made up of Colors, Texture and Shapes. Abstract doesn’t have distinct meaning, it is more of an Expression which is used to show the way you see the world.


Now, since we have gathered some useful information about what art really is, let’s get its detailed understanding.

Colors mixed, red, green yellow zigzag line

Child’s Drawing

But before that, I want you to try something. Whenever you are heavy on any emotion, try sketching or painting overlooking the real world. Do whatever you heart says and draw anything that comes to your mind. Then, when you complete your painting, you will notice something. You will see your thoughts and feelings in the form of painting. It’s your mind when you are angry or happy or sad or shy and you are presenting it via Universal language.


It’s no different when you look at others people’s Creation. It’s their Emotion. If they are presenting arrogance and anger with Red and Blue colors, it’s how they perceive anger. And if you see those colors as happy colors, it’s your happy colors. You are free to have your own emotion when looking at other’s Emotion. To be precise, you understand clear emotion looking at Representational art but abstract has varied emotion depending on Perspective of your Eyes.

So go on, free your emotion. Have your own perspective to see the world. It will not only help you to understand Art but also your Life.

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